The sandwich panini grill is developed from the panini griddle. With 100% quality inspection available, its body is made of stainless steel of No. 201 for easy cleaning. The product can realize temperature adjustment. For the upper and lower boards can both achieve heating, it can reach 300°C quickly. Meanwhile, the space between the upper and lower boards is adjustable. So, the sandwich panini grill is very suitable for baking foods with different thickness such as steak, sausage, egg, burger, Indian fly bread, seafood, etc. It can be widely used in bar, restaurant, market, family, etc.

As a China-based sandwich panini grill manufacturer and supplier, our company provides a wide array of products, including griddle, popcorn machine, coffee maker, food preparation machine, among others.

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    1. Single Electric Sandwich Panini GrillBy using full stainless steel, our single electric sandwich panini grill is resistant to oil, corrosion and water. It is sanitary to use and can be cleaned easily. The product adopts heating tube to heat and temperature controller to control temperature. When the temperature rises up to the needed level, the temperature controller would cut off the power automatically
    1. Big Electric Sandwich Panini Grill (Single)The big single electric sandwich panini grill is the product with high performance price ratio. Designed with reasonable structure, it adopts stainless steel material featuring high strength as well as resistance to high temperature and chemical corrosion. Compared with the single electric sandwich panini product, this product has much faster temperature rise speed.
    1. Dual Surface Electric Sandwich Panini GrillThe dual surface electric sandwich panini grill is produced with professionally designed outer body. Made of stainless steel, it has high reliability and durability. The product is equipped with advanced temperature control device and relay. It has the functions involving automatic temperature adjustment, circuit protection and circuit switching.